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About Me, my Universe and Everything Else

I’m Thai “0xReki” Chung, a jack of all trades from Germany. I live near Cologne and currently work at IT.NRW. My focus is in Linux, but that doesn’t mean I dislike using other OSes. I’m a typical IT guy with interests in creative writing, vintage game consoles, vintage audio hardware, and Riichi Mahjong. I like playing JPRGs. While I do like action games, but I kinda suck at those.

0xReki on other Platforms

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Technologies & Tools

A selection of technology and tools that I use. Badges are powered by shields.io

OS: Linux Editor: Visual Studio Code Code: Python Code: Ruby Code: Make Shell: Bash Text: LaTeX Text: Markdown Tools: Jekyll

Game Profiles

Final Fantasy XIV

I play Final Fantasy XIV Online. My characters:

Riichi Mahjong

I finally got listed at the European Mahjong Association. I play on tenhou.net and in Final Fantasy XIV Online. See my post about Riichi Mahjong Clients. 

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