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2nd Light Doman Open Mahjong Tournament

Turn Order

It was time for another Light Doman Open! This was the fourth Doman Mahjong Tournament on Light, with 31 participants from 14 countries. As always, this was a player event: it is not affiliated with FFXIV etc.

Since FFXIV doesn’t have logs and spectator mode (yet! Yoshi-P, please add one for us!) I was reliant on screenshot of the final standings and big hands, of course. I set the bar for big hand to at least baiman. In retrospect, I should have asked for rare hands, too.

Baiman by Dojun Sanshoku - Riichi Ippatsu Dora 6

A Baiman came very quickly, like this dore explosion by Dojun Sanshoku, I wonder if I know them in real life: Riichi Ippatsu Dora 6. Sadly, it stayed the biggest hand for the day.

Baiman by Ai Hinatsuru — Honitsu Chanta Haku Hatsu Sha Dora Dora

Saturday was the secound day. And things went wild very quickly. Ai Hinatsuru hit with an open Honitsu Chanta Haku Hatsu Sha Dora Dora. Even so it wasn’t enough to become first at that table.

Baiman by Aeliott Cadenza - Honitsu Toitoi Chun Hatsu Dora Dora At another table, Aeliott soared to first place with his Honitsu Toitoi Chun Hatsu Dora Dora in East 1. Apparently they didn’t let go of their lead ended that table with 52700 points.

Baiman by Sakarow Kowarowsky - Riichi Ippatsu Chitoi Dora 4

Later, Sakarow Kowarowsky hit a very tasty Riichi Ippatsu Chitoi Dora 4 to steal Simb’s secound place at the table. Just another example that suji only means a tile less likely to be a winning tile, not guaranteed not to be.

Baiman by Chihaya Nakahara - Tsumo Pinfu Tanyao Iipeikou Dora 4

Even though by the end of Saturday people started going missing the Big Hand Collection didn’t stop. Chihaya Nakahara scored Tsumo Pinfu Tanyao Iipeikou Dora 4 on the final game of the day.

Sanbaiman by Not Sirocco - Riichi Tsumo Sanankou Dora 7 Sunday, last day of the tourmanent, Not Sirocco started the Big Hand Colection effort with a Dora Explosion: Riichi Tsumo Sanankou Dora 7 — Sanbaiman.

Baiman by Sakarow Kowarowsky - Riichi Pinfu Chinitsu Ippeikou Apparently, Sakarow thinks Dora are boring, as scored his 2nd Baiman of the weekend with a Riichi Pinfu Chinitsu Ippeikou. In his words: “Baiman without dora ain’t that a thing of beauty?” I kinda agree, a Baiman with Dora does seem like a piece of art.

Baiman by Nonori Rereyl — Riichi Ippatsu Tsumo Honitsu Itsuu Dora Dora

Not soon after, Nonori Rereyl got their own Baiman: Riichi Ippatsu Tsumo Honitsu Itsuu Dora Dora. With that the tournament was about to come to an end I give a quick note of the top 6 players, thinking nothing would change much.

But Lemon Bread just had to get a Dealer Yakuman: Daisangen! And with that they made it to temporarily first and ended up secound with a final score 160.4. Yakuman by Lemon Bread — Daisangen

Panda-Ficer ended up missing secound by 100 points. Sorry, FFXIV doesn’t do Atamahane. The winner of the tournament was Gravaton Something with a final score of 177.6. Congratulations!

Again, I thank everyone who participated or just subbed. A special thanks goes to our sponsor. This was the Secound Light Doman Open and I hope to see you in the next tourmament.


Deadline for Registration: 2020-09-13

Games: 2020-09-18 to 2020-09-20


  1. One item or one set of items of value 20 € or less
  2. One item or one set of items of value 10 € or less

Note: Prizes can’t be received on any trial accounts. If the prize is Gil, the only DC we can guarantee to give out prizes are on DC Light.

General Information

How to Register: registration closed

Registered Players, Seating etc.: see the Tournament Spreadsheet, times are all UTC (a. k. a. Server Time)

Where: Final Fantasy XIV Online, Data Center Light, preferably at the Mahjong Tables on Server Odin


At least 4 or more Hanchan Round-Robin’ish. I hope we can make 8. But it depends on how many people attend.

Since I’m trying to accommodate players from all over the globe, the games don’t have necessarily be in one single block each day. Having more slots just helps a lot with not playing the same people each time.

All games will be played in Final Fantasy XIV Online as friendly matches “Four-player Mahjong (Kuitan Enabled)” on Data Center Light. After the game, the result should be screenshotted and sent to the organizer.


Most of these are the result of playing in Final Fantasy XIV Online.

If a player is late by more than ten minutes they are replaced by a substitute player for the hanchan.

On Missed Games and Substituted Players

Substitute players are scored normally and then not included in the ranking. The player missing the hanchan doesn’t get any point and will have a 30 points penalty.

Final Fantasy XIV Online

All games are being played in Final Fantasy XIV Online. To play, a trial account is sufficient. You only need to unlock the Gold Saucer. Note, if you’re not new to Mahjong, it’s recommended to change the display from actual dora to dora indicator.

Archived Tournaments


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  2. Doman Mahjong — Special Yaku 

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